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Strategies That Skyrocketed My WordPress Business from a Simple Blog to Multiple 7-Figures ARR!

Proven, no-nonsense strategies that transformed my WordPress plugin business into a global powerhouse – and how you can do the same, starting today!


"Justin has not only helped me make a lot of money, he's helped me find professional & personal happiness. His enthusiasm has a way of giving you the confidence and motivation you need to overcome your challenges."

- Ross Johnson, 3.7Designs & SnapOrbital (acq.)

Are You Ready to Stop Guessing?

The BrightGrowth Playbook will cover exactly what works, and what doesn't, when growing your WordPress business. It's your digital shortcut to better visibility and greater profits.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • My Formula to Help You Finally Prioritize Correctly
  • YouTube Outreach Strategy That No One Does
  • Simple Inbound Marketing System That Maximizes Conversions
  • Unlocking The Potential of Joint Promotions
  • My Proven Pre-Launch Strategy
  • Easiest Way to Valuate Your Business (and Why It Matters)
  • Proven Email Promotion Sequence That Isn't Annoying
  • Simplest Way to Unlock New Recurring Revenue
  • The Power of a Traditional Sales Letter (Swipe My Template)
  • Making 6-Figures on Black Friday
  • 4 Must-Do Minimal Marketing Tactics That Always Make Money
  • The Most Opened Email and How To Use It
  • My PR Template for Managing Those "Oh Sh*t" Moments
  • 5-Stage Hiring Blueprint for Building Your Support Team
  • Getting 5-Star Reviews (The Easy Way)
  • Automatically Swipe Your Competitor's Research for Endless Content
  • My No-Nonsense Blogging Formula (That Has Worked for 10 Years)
  • The "Conversion Component" in All of My Marketing
  • What No One Tells You About Lifetime Deals
  • Guaranteed Google Ads ROI
  • The Update You Must Do Every 3 Years
  • The "Secret Seller" That No One Pays Attention To
  • Pricing Page Essentials
  • The Shift in My Marketing that Resulted in More Paying Customers
  • The Sneakiest Way to Expand Your Business
  • And MORE!

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This playbook is not a static document! I will continually add to it every month with the useful tactics that I have used personally, and what has worked for the people that I coach.